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Machine Multifunctional Home Coffee Grinder

Machine Multifunctional Home Coffee Grinder

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Type: Blade Coffee Grinders


Power Source: Electric

Power (W): 200-400W

Number of grinding levels: 4-10

Loading coffee beans: 90 gr or more

Housing Material: Stainless Steel



30 seconds quick powder, challenge 60 mesh screen
Grinders for all materials: coffee beans, grains, pills, spices, herbs
Choose different materials: food grade 304, medical Grade 316, ordinary 430
Hidden power cord and widened base more safe
Let go and stop, customize time
Exclusive design portable handle

150W-400W power, more than 35,000 rpm motor speed


*Images on this page are for illustration only and the design of theactualproduct may differ.

**All data on this page regarding charging and battery life and Usage timeis obtainedfrom laboratories, and may not reflect the actual product.Actual usage results may vary due to environmental factors

*** The product cannot be used continuously for 15 minutes, otherwise there is a risk of overheating and short circuit

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